Riflessi- Art Songs from Malta


Throughout my years of performing, I have always felt the need to promote the Maltese musical heritage, mainly through singing compositions in the Maltese language by Maltese composers. Maltese Art Song is a genre that has been experimented with since the 1970s and I thought that getting a collection of works in this style on CD would consolidate the wealth inherent in the diversity of compositions united by a common factor – the Maltese language. This CD contains a selection of Art Songs from pioneers Joseph Vella and Charles Camilleri, through a gradual journey that picked up pace and interest on the way up till the present time with works of contemporary composers. The Maltese language is unique in the fact, amongst others, that it is Semitic in roots yet, over the centuries, it has also managed to absorb Romance vocabulary which, in quite a wonderful way, co-exists happily with the more ‘native’ structures. This is what makes it so special and in this CD, wedded to beautiful music, the Maltese language attests to its power of expressivity, nuance, and feeling. Throughout the process of choosing and recording these Art Songs, I have worked and collaborated closely with all the composers featured on this CD, in the hope that the end result reflects as faithfully as possible what the composers wished to transmit through their work. Kant ta’ Mara, Kantilena, Mejju ġie bil-Ward u Żahar, and the ‘bonus’ track Taħnina were specifically written for my voice by the respective composers, while Ċassa quddiem mera, Duende, and Ħemel are being premiered here.

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